Hope’s Wish

Hope’s Wish is the story of Hope Stout who raised over $1MM to grant the wishes of 155 kids as she was losing her battle with cancer.

In June 2003, Hope Elizabeth Stout was much like any 12 year old girl. She was looking forward to a summer of swimming at the pool, trips to the mall and movies and her family’s annual beach trip. A persistent pain in her knee changed all that and after some tests, she was diagnosed with bone cancer.

Instead of a summer of fun, Hope began to undergo painful and lengthy chemotherapy treatments. Hope never lost her sense of humor or her optimism that she would beat this cancer. Unfortunately, the treatments did little to stop the disease from spreading and by November, Hope was confined mostly to a wheelchair. But then something magical happened…and it changed many lives in the process.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation visited Hope in November 2003. They told Hope she could have anything she wanted; to just name it. Hope thought for a few minutes and then answered: “You know, I am lucky…I have been to Disney World, swam with the dolphins in Cancun and go to the beach all the time. You say there are 155 kids on the waiting list? Well, my wish is TO GRANT ALL THEIR WISHES, ALL 155 OF THEM. And to do it just as soon as possible.”

Even though Make-A-Wish was faced with a herculean task–Hope’s wish would cost nearly $750,000—they sprang into action. A local company got the ball rolling with a $25,000 donation; the Charlotte Observer ran a December 19 story on Hope which local WBT radio personality Keith Larson picked up on during his morning radio show.He had Hope on for what is now a legendary interview; one that is replayed every Christmas; the Carolina Panthers went on a roll, winning game after game en route to the NFC Championship and a Super Bowl appearance and a mid January black tie, “Rat Pack” themed event was planned called appropriately, THE CELEBRATION OF HOPE. Appropriate because Hope pretty much planned the event; right down to the last detail.

Unfortunately, she didn’t live to see it. Hope Elizabeth Stout passed away on January 4, 2004, surrounded by her family and her precious kitties.

After her death, donations poured into the Make-A-Wish office at such a fast rate that volunteers had to be brought in to count money and answer the phones. Children brought in the contents of their piggy banks; girls donated their babysitting money; a homeless man in Charlotte walked into the MAW offices and gave what little he had. He told the stunned volunteers, “it isn’t much but I want to help Hope.”

On Friday, January 16, the Celebration of Hope gala was held at the Westin in Charlotte, NC. Over 1,000 people attended the event and at 11:00, emcee Keith Larson announced to the stunned crowd that $1,116,000 had been raised and the money was still coming in. All of the kids would have their wish granted. Hope’s Wish had been fulfilled.

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