Hope’s Wish – The Book

Tell a twelve-year-old girl she can have anything she wishes for, and what do you expect her to request?

A trip to Disney World? A chance to meet her favorite movie star? A modeling job?

Maybe. But not this twelve-year-old. Hope Stout was fighting bone cancer, and in spite of her courageous optimism and her family’s determined prayers, things were not looking good. Then the Make-A-Wish Foundation® visited– and Hope’s wish startled everyone, including her parents.

After interrogating her visitors about how many other kids were waiting to have their wishes granted, Hope said, “Then my wish is to grant all the wishes of the 155 kids on the waiting list- every single one of them!”

Hope’s Wish is the inspiring story of a mother and father’s heart-wrenching ordeal as they watched their precious daughter battle cancer– and the miracles that resulted from their child’s faith and determination.

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