Pudge The Cat Interviewed by Larry Sprinkle

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Ten years ago Hope Stout was a charming 12-year old girl battling cancer.
Hope was visited by the Make-A-Wish Foundation, offering a special wish, as they always do. At this point in her life, Hope felt that she had experienced much joy in life already…a loving family, travel, and many other unique life experiences.

Her focus was on the others kids on the list ahead of her.

There were 155 children waiting to have their wishes granted. That that became Hope’s wish. She told the stunned wish granters that all she wanted was to grant the 155 kids on the list their wishes. That and to be famous!

Amazingly, that actually happened—-155 kids were granted their wishes. More than a million dollars was raised for the Make-A-Wish Foundation! Unfortunately, she didn’t live to see it.

Hope Stout passed away on January 4, 2004, surrounded by her family and her precious kitties. One of those was named “Pudge”.

In Today’s Larry’s Look, we met the now 10 year-old Pudge—along with Hope’s parents. Stuart and Shelby Stout talked about Hope’s courageous battle and how Pudge was always with her, even smuggled into the hospital for special visits.

About three months following Hope’s passing, the Stout family noticed some very special markings on his fur—that spelled-out H O P E!

On Tuesday, March 4th, the March Forth With Hope Foundation is hoping to raise $23,000 to help local families battling a health crisis.

March 4th will have been Hope’s 23rd birthday. To make a donation go to https://marchforthwithhope.com/donate/mgive/

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