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In honor of what would be Hope Stout’s 23rd birthday, the March Forth With Hope Foundation is hoping to raise $23,000 – $23 at a time – on March 4th to benefit local families dealing with a health crisis. Please click on the Donate button below to make your $23 donation.

“It’s hard to believe that it was 10 years ago when we lost Hope to cancer,” said Hope’s mother Shelby Stout. “She was such an incredible spirit, and we still celebrate the day that God chose to bring her into the world – March 4th. Despite her diagnosis of osteosarcoma, Hope fought back with strength, bravery, perseverance and compassion for others fighting alongside her. The March Forth With Hope Foundation was formed in her memory to help other families with children battling life threatening illnesses. We can’t take their illnesses away, but we can provide financial hope, such as helping with mortgage payments, utilities, car payments, groceries, etc.”