The March Forth With Hope Foundation provides financial assistance to families battling cancer or other life-threatening diseases. The Foundation was established by Stuart and Shelby Stout in memory of their daughter, Hope Stout, shortly after she lost her courageous fight with cancer.

The story of Hope’s battle, and the compassion and caring she showed towards others until her death, sparked an unprecedented outpouring of support from her community. When given the opportunity to have almost any wish fulfilled by the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Hope’s wish was that the other 155 Wish kids would be granted their wishes. The story of Hope’s life and her wish captured the Charlotte-areas hearts and the legacy of her wish continues still today.

Running for March Forth With Hope!

Mike Jones is a hard working guy with a lot of determination who this year felt he would run in the 2014 Boston Marathon. But that wasn’t enough. Mike wanted his run to help make a difference for others. Mike’s goal this year is to complete the ...Read more

Don’t Stop Believing

The Charlotte Observer’ Olivia Fortson highlights the March Forth With Hope’s 11th Annual Celebration of Hope. A highlight of the evening was when the band started playing the song “Don’t Stop Believing” and guests turned it into a sing-along filled with tears, joy and a lot of ...Read more